Memorial Day 2016

We were honored to have Sheriff Dale Miller as our speaker. 

Again, Ken Olson led the ceremony and we were also honored to have Saranac High School Band lead us in the Battle Hymn of the Republic, sung by Dean Gage Sr. and accompanied by Saranac High School Bands participation in many other songs, Readings from the Top Graduates of Saranac High School, opening and closing prayers by Pastor Becky Poor of Saranac Community Church and we are sorry to say that Earl Benedict of the 180th, 5th Army could not be with us this year to recite the words to Taps as he passed away earlier this year but a band member and a citizen from Saranac played a beautiful rendition of Taps. We would like to thank everyone that took part in making the program a true memory to those you have served and for those that have lost their life serving for the  freedom of all American's. A freedom that is to often taken for granted. God Bless America! Look in the photo gallery and experience the Memorial Day Program through pictures. (To come)