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The land upon which Saranac now lies was purchased of the general government in 1836 by Judge Jefferson Morrison, of Grand Rapids. Soon after his purchase he sold to Dwight & Hutchinson, of Detroit, some of the land occupying portions of sections 1 and 2, upon which there was a mill-site on Lake Creek. Dwight & Hutchinson counseled with Morrison as to the founding of a town at that point, and, as a result, they platted in common the village of Saranac, Dwight & Hutchinson laying out the south fraction of the west half of the southwest quarter of section 1, and a portion of the south fraction of the southeast quarter of section 2, while Morrison platted the east half of the southwest quarter of section 1. Who christened the now village and why it was named Saranac does not now appear. The supposition, however, is that Hilton chose to associate the history of the enterprise in some way with Indian tradition, and thus bestowed the name of a presumable Indian chief. The village plat was not recorded, but that formality was probably not esteemed of essential value, since the village proprietors proceeded at once—say late in 1836 or early in 1837—to hold a public sale at Detroit, and at that and other sales disposed of many Saranac lots..

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